About Racedogs.org and Disclaimer

Racedogs.org is a resource for mushers wishing to use the system to "accommodate" your kennel.
Racedogs.org is open, meaning that anyone can watch dogs, kennels and owners / breeders. Members also have the rights to register dogs and owners / breeders, Access to generate Chips List, conduct test-breeding, statistics and a page that discusses breeding and method of inbreeding calculation.

Our focus is sled dogs and their pedigrees.

The owner of Racedogs.org

Svein Åge Jakobsen E-mail: Racedogs.org

Copyright © 2006-2009 Karin Schellner. Stamtavler/Racedogs.org: Svein Åge Jakobsen (Copyright © 2012 - 2018) We have developed Racedogs.org and has rights to an amount of code that we have developed, either in person or Erik Bentsen in Foxdata.
The code developed is primarily designed to meet the needs we mushers have pedigree program. We also have redesigned and updated since your CSS.


Racedogs.org is a database system for storing pedigrees. Pedigrees registered members. We are not responsible for what is being recorded, just to accommodate pedigrees.

Racedogs.org is not responsible for any errors registrations or incomplete registrations as members of Racedogs.org had to find to do. Nor should we hang out those who do wrong! We will jointly contribute to the dogs that are registered on Racedogs.org shall be as accurate as possible.

We can not be held responsible for any mistakes others make. Racedogs.org is not responsible for any misuse of copyright for pictures or other information. Kort sagt, vi er helt uten skyld og ansvar!!! The only thing we do is providing a fast and secure Pedigree System for those who want to avail the offer!

Right of ownership

Racedogs.org do not own the information that members register on this website !!! All information submitted public out and all with            access to a computer also have access to this information. This information is freely available and others can use the information.            Simply the best for sledehundavl. The ownership of the pedigrees of dogs registered in Racedogs.org belongs            breeder / owner of the dog.

Anyone who register pedigrees using information from other breeders. The ownership of the different dogs in the pedigrees belong to the individual breeder / dog owner.            Racedogs.org houses and conveys pedigrees to best sled dog breeding.

Copyright right of ownership

Copyright only applies to what we have changed in the program, ie new codes, changes in database structure. The rest can be obtained by downloading the program from the Internet.                 Our Copyright does not apply to the content, it is the individual dog owner or establishes that has, though there may be Copyright on a pedigree or ancestors of dogs. We think not!


All members can edit any dogs and people, we do this that any errors will be corrected quickly and efficient. Dogs can be moved between kennels or away from kennels. This requires those who will be making changes on Racedogs.org!


Anyone who wants can join. Prerequisite for membership is that you sign up via the system (Sign me at the top right side)
               You are a member as long as you want to be a member.

Of course it is possible to opt out, or just stop sign / use Racedogs.org. Sorry, we can not delete you because we also deletes              user as the Registrar of your dogs & HorizontalLine; and there will be mistakes. We see this as useriørst and not a viable alternative.

Deletion of dogs
Only administrators can delete dogs. By opting out are not dogs deleted. Deleting dogs can affect a multitude of pedigrees, something we want to happen.

We promise not to exclude members even though we would be miserable on individuals. This childish we will not allow ourselves to be.

Reason for exclusion
If individual members editing dogs fault, destroys pedigrees or sabotage the system, we will be able to exclude the member. First the person will have the opportunity to express themselves and get a warning. If the situation does not improve results in the exclusion.

Everyone else

Anyone who wants to can copy the code to single dogs and paste it on their website, if there are dogs in our system that they want to have on their side.                Pedigrees will be a resource for mushers and we want to accommodate this by making the database accessible to all.                Code of pedigrees is to find the page for each dog. Scroll your way down to pedigree and choose which code you want - with or without pictures.
               To access the member benefits that breeding planning, testavl etc. Must be a member and logged in!

Racedogs.org is responsible for

We are responsible for keeping Racedogs.org up and make sure that page and database works optimally. we are going do what we can to ensure that the offer will not be slow and inaccessible.

If you have questions or comments: post@racedogs.org.
Because of functionality that may be contained in Racedogs.org or links to other websites or the like. - We are not responsible for the content of sites which may be linked to / from Racedogs.org.

Advertising or insidious advertising will be removed immediately, warning will be displayed and the user loses access to Racedogs.org.

It is not in Racedogs.org interest abusing copyright. Racedogs.org is a non-profit side and a database for Racedogs.org for mushers. Perhaps the fastest pedigree system for sled dogs.
Racedogs.org is run non-profit and in his spare time, this means that we can not expect help immediately when the need is present or during the day. Although this is a non-commercial side we do what we can to make since to work and our available.

We encourage everyone to download their dogs own computer. It is also possible to remove the code for single dogs and pasting HTML code on your website. We have learned that pedigree systems can go down and that it may veeeeeldig take a long time to get them back again. This can also happen with Racedogs.org.
We take backup of the database and of course code for Racedogs.org, so it will our       relatively easy and quick to bring up the page.

Racedogs.org has established a shadow website for development, testing and for security's sake. this ensures that development and testing takes place locally and that codes used are working properly before they are uploaded to the public website which users can access til.Til this site we load periodically database down. This ensures that we have data available if something should happen ...