- almost as Stamtavlers works "all over". Stamtavlers will be a quick and simple system, without too much nonsense that takes time and that provide little benefit. If there are new features, so they will meet a real need, do not come because they are fun to have. Useless things we jump smoothly over the buck. However, we respect the fact that there are different needs, may also need that we do not see themselves. Are there features that you would like? Send us an e-mail: Suggestions for improvements in Stamtavler

Registration of dogs

Only members can register the dogs pedigree!

To register your dog: click menu item "Dogs" -> select Register Dog will take you to a new window where you can fill your dog's name. Enter the name of the dog and click "OK". It will be performing a search in the database on dogs with similar names. If there are dogs with the same name, this up. Are you sure the dog is not registered database, select "Radio Button" at the bottom with the text "I have checked the 'dog name' and the dog I shall record, none of the above." Click OK! This will take you to the main window of Stamtavles. Here you can register:

  • Breeder: If you are sure that the breeder is not registered in the database - enter the full name. However, it will still come up a proposal if it is recorded in the database with similar names.
  • Owner: Fill in the name of the owner, the owner is registered in the database, you will get suggestions.
  • Name: Already filled in at the registration
  • Chips number: Here it is straight forward - enter the number
  • Kennel: If you want your dog can easily be found via the "sort of kennel," it is important to fill in a kennel name. If you have not, use your name. Are there others who own the dog and kennel name here on Stamtavler, enter the kennel name of the owner.
  • Sire: If the father is registered in the database will come up nominations to the "father", when you fill in the name of the father. If the father is not registered, you must complete the registration and then fill in the father through the pedigree of the dog when you click save.
  • Dam: Mom handled the same as the father was handled.

Until you start recording, it may be prudent to check whether the father and / or mother is already registered with pedigrees. Is that what will be registration very easy. If not registered, simply follow the instructions for the registration of dogs. When the dog is registered without parents, we recommend that you use pedigree that exists under which the information about the dog you have registered, to register the rest. Simply click on the "add father" or "add mother."

Editing of registered dogs.

Editing Joined dog is very easy. Search / retrieve the dog you want to edit, click on "Update". You will now enter the edit mode and can make the changes you want. After editing is completed and saved, shows who has edited the dog. Members can edit all the dogs that are registered in the database. It is important that editing is controlled and properly. The purpose of providing access to editing is that we in this way Stamtavler can keep the most accurate.

Kennel Overview

To show kennel overview, select the "List dogs" from the menu, and select Sort by kennel . It now comes a new page listing all kennels that are registered on Stamtavlers. Select the kennel you want to watch.

Chip List for kennels

We have created a function for members where they can easily and quickly generate a list of chips for their own kennel. This feature is reserved for members. Once you are logged on Stamtavler brings up a new menu item, click on the menu item "Chips List", select kennel you want to generate chips list, enter the race and class, check the dogs to be v "re in the chip list and click" teams "list. Now chips list up with the dogs you have chosen and it is only to print the list. to print the list, click: Ctrl and P on the keyboard yours - and then comes out Chips list.

Search functions

There are several search options. The simplest is to use the search box on the front. Enter at least three letters in the box and hit search. The result that comes up contains all dogs with similar letter combination. Choose your dog and click on it - and it comes up quickly. You can also choose to search under the heading "Dogs" and select the search dogs. This search gives you many opportunities to make your search more specific than the search feature on the front.

Linking your own dogs to own homepage

If you have your own website and would like to have the dogs pedigrees on your own website, simply copy the code that you find on the side of each dog. Click on the link "HTML code for this pedigree," which is located just above the pedigree of the dog. After you click on the link generated an HTML code that you copy and paste to your website. You can select two code sets, one with a picture and a free image. If you have uploaded a picture of the dog in the pedigree, you can select it with a photo if you wish, you have not uploaded bide your dog is okay - then select the code without the picture.

Deletion of dogs

Deletion of the dogs are not allowed. Dogs can be reused in other pedigrees and can not be deleted, naturally enough. However, there are some exceptions where we delete dogs. 1. dual registered dogs, can be deleted. Give Us a message about the dog with ID to be deleted. Error Records can be deleted, the same procedure that deletion of double registrations. For security reasons, only Admin who has permission to delete dogs.

List dogs

List dogs is a very useful feature, and you can choose several ways to sort the dogs that are registered in the database.

  1. Sorted alphabetically.
  2. Soter by Kennel.
  3. Soter on the birth country.

Select the desired medtode and search / sort of a quick and simple database.

List breeders / owners

List or search among the breeders / owners is a useful feature, especially if you are looking for information, formulas have information you want to register in the database. List breeders / owners - sorted alphabetically, allowing you to quickly find what you are looking for. This feature is similar to the "List dogs", and works as fast as the rest of Stamtavler.

Moving dogs to another owner / kennel
This is also a nice feature to know about. This is very simple. In edit mode for the dog you want to move delete barn "rendering the owner by clicking on the red X, and confirm that you want to do it. Enter the name of new owner and confirm this. Finally, delete the barn "existing kennel tilknyttning and fill in a new kennel association. Click save and you have moved the dog to new owner and kennel.

Dead dogs

When the dog dies, there are two things that should happen: 1 Enter the date and year of death. 2. Delete kennel belonging. When the Kennel belongs is deleted remove the dog from your kennel, but not from the database.