We are three administrators who are trying to keep Race Dogs updated and as flawless as possible. It will be devoted      considerable work to fix errors, register dogs and programming solution, so that our members can benefit from a fast, accurate and modern pedigree system.

  • Admin: Svein Åge Jakobsen (Programming, database, support and maintenance)

  • Admin: Sven Kårtvedt ((Maintenance, assistance, registrations and error rectification)

  • Admin: Øyvind Skogen (Maintenance, assistance, registrations and error rectification)

If you need help - send an email to one of the administrators, who can help. Administrators have slightly different task, but you get help.



We have made several help pages that you may want to read if there is anything you are unsure about. If you can not find answers to your questions - then please contact one of the administrators.

Future plans for was started by Svein Åge Jakobsen, but the goal is that to become an organization owned and operated by several. The objective is that the system should be able to live and operated long after we who today stands as Administrators are fed up or grown old and senile. By establishing as an organization ensures that the system does not depend on individuals and thereby ensured stable operations.

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