Privacy statement

This privacy policy is about how collects information from users and members and how the information is used.

  • Registered information

    Members register their information which is only accessible from other members, when they are logged in. This information is used only as part of pedigree offer do not use the information in any other context.

  • Cookie

    For the system to function as intended, we set a cookie. The cookie is used to keep track of activity during the registration and updating of data.
    It may be necessary to set cookie also for visitors to learn about how visitors use the system, thereof for use in the improvement work with the system.

  • Search

    Race Dogs do not store search users or visitors make of the website.

  • Web Analytics

    It collects no information about the users activity, only counts the number of page views to keep an overview of the number of page views. We count the number of visitors at any given time. This happens through the registration of IP address. Ip address is stored in the database as long as the visit lasts, when leaving the website we delete the IP address.